International & US Business Law

International & US Business Law

International/Domestic Business Law

Both new business ventures and existing business operations can greatly benefit from receiving comprehensive legal advice from attorneys who have first-hand experience with business. We offer legal services in connection with new business formations, business transactions, and disputes among owners/partners/shareholders. Starting a business, whether in South Florida or half way around the world, involves considering what type of business entity to organize, the agreements to use and the necessary resources to have in place. Each possible choice has potentially far-reaching consequences involving tax implications, governance issues, and liability protection. The legal advice you receive and how carefully the organizing documents are drafted can greatly affect the venture’s profitability, flexibility, and exposure to liability. We will work cohesively with your tax counsel in evaluating potential tax implications of your business decisions.

ILP serves businesses and individuals large and small in the United States and around the world, including South Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, and Central/South America. ILP also serves as outside general counsel to many small businesses who need legal assistance on a continual basis. Our flexible fees and reasonable approach makes ILP an attractive alternative to hiring in-house counsel.

Whether you are ready to establish a new business, or need legal advice in operating an existing business, contact ILP for a confidential evaluation of your options. Find out how we can help you assess and succeed in your business transactions.

Business Litigation/Lawsuits

Even with the best advice and most sensible precautions, a business may find that it needs to initiate or defend litigation in order to protect its interests. Especially in cases that could have a major impact on you or your company, you need an experienced and effective advocate. With depth of experience in a wide range of business disputes, ILP is equipped to help your business find solutions to those problems. Whether you have been sued, have been threatened with a lawsuit, or are considering filing suit, we may be able to help. We will handle your case from inception through trial and appeal, if necessary. ILP strives to provide reasonable legal advice based on the best interest of the business.

ILP to find practical solutions to complex business disputes. Business disputes can be expensive and finding workable solutions without bankrupting the business is unique in the legal industry, but the normal way forward for ILP attorneys. While fully prepared to litigate when needed, we also know how to negotiate settlements and employ alternative dispute resolution procedures that may be able to achieve your company’s objectives with greater speed and less expense.

If you have a business dispute and need effective legal assistance, reach out to ILP. We are happy to schedule an appointment to discuss how creative, experienced business counsel can bring you the resolution you need.

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